./apps/actiweb/univ/UNIVERSAL.xotcl ./apps/actiweb/univ/UNIVERSAL.xotcl

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Filename: ./apps/actiweb/univ/UNIVERSAL.xotcl

Description: This is a demo of a Webserver that presents the contents of an RDF source file in a friendly and easy readable manner.

The RDF file is parsed first into triples which are added to the resource database RDFdb. This RDFdb used in this example replaces the standard triple database of xoRDF by an application specific version, which is easier to process. The triple database is the source of the Catalog, which displays a short, easy to read summary of the entries. The database is used as well for the "detailed view", which presents all the data of the triples through nested HTML tables.

The demo program uses either HTTP or HTTPS (in which case you will require the SSL/TLS extension of Tcl).

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